Happy Summer Holidays!

Happy summer holidays to everybody.  We’ve had a fantastic year in P4/5.

Thanks for all the lovely presents!

Let’s hope the sun comes out and we all have a safe and fun filled break.


Crown’s miles :)


 A whopping Crown total of 1,042 for the past 10 days or so!! Lots of families making a really big push to try to get over the finish line!!

Lee has been very ill, went into hospital, was allowed out, then Jimmy (Shand) broke, Lee had to hitch 200 miles to a bike shop. She is hoping to catch up with Rickie- who was leading the women’s race, to go over the finish together later this week! We must be close to the finish line too…!!

Well done all 🙂

Keep the wheels turning!

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Tuesday Treat

As a special treat for all the Dojos we have collected we are going to have a gadget/film/relaxed day on Tuesday 27th of June.

The children can take a gadget, film, game or book of their choice in and some extra snacks to share with the rest of the class.  They don’t need to wear uniform on Tuesday and instead can wear something that they like to relax in.

We have some children who have cashed in their Dojos to be P.E. teachers so (weather permitting) we will be doing some P.E. outside too.

Tuesday is going to be such a fun day and a great reward for all the hard work and positive behaviour  we have seen in P4/5  across the whole year 🙂

Reversible and Irreversible change

Today we were looking at substances and whether they go through reversible or irreversible changes.

We started off by smashing up a biscuit and predicted rightly that the change would be irreversible.


Then we melted some chocolate and made predictions as to the different changes it would go through, working out correctly that it would become a solid again once it cooled down.  We then decided not to waste good chocolate so we used it to make Chocolate Rice Crispy Cakes and studied how the chocolate changed its form to stick to the Rice Crispies.

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Competition Winner

Well done to our competition winner who named the new housing area being built in Crown.   Delighted with her prize of a sign with the winning name of Oakwood Court and a £50 book voucher.


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